Optimize surface area.

For focus and luck.

I've been in Barcelona the past few days and got to have lunch with Anthony Castrio. We had some Lebanese food and then strolled in the sun to the beach talking about life, travel, and our current projects.

One of the things I walked away thinking about is the concept of optimizing surface area in various parts of our lives to achieve the right balance of focus and luck.

The more surface area we have, the more we're spread thin, yet the more chances we have for luck to work in our favor.

In just about everything we do, both focus and luck play a big role. As much as we can be tempted to think success and failure are dependent on our output, there are a lot of variables beyond our control as well.

Therefore, even if we have a project or two that doesn't take a lot of time, it increases our surface area - that is, it occupies space in our minds and reduces our focus on other things. In this way, it can make sense to "clean house" sometimes, and remove surface area, to increase our focus on our priorities.

On the other hand, the more surface area we have - that is, the more projects we try, the more chances we create for luck to play its part.

It's a never-ending journey of finding the right balance, reassessing, and adjusting.

How we do this comes from knowing our strengths and weaknesses, and from listening to and trusting our intuition.

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